Your schemes come to life with Urbanflow Engine.

Urbanflow Engine is a new kind of planning and analysis software to collaboratively deisgn better plans with the power of data. Urbanflow Engine is used in urban design workshops and it incorporates state-of-the-art decision support and plan analysis technology. Based on the GeoDesign process, Urbanflow Engine helps communicate your ideas, explore alternatives and build plans collaboratively. Urban planning process is re-imagined for the 21st century.

Urban planning for all

At Urbanflow Engine, we believe that anyone can be a urban designer. We bring state of the art geospatial technology to enable collaborative urban planning. All of this is done in a workshop organized by us. Communicate and share your planning ideas – whatever your experience level. Underneath the simple User Interface is an advanced simulation tool and data processing engine that helps in developing powerful and insightful analysis around your designs.

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Hrishikesh Ballal

Hrishikesh Ballal graduated from MIT's Engineering Systems Division and Urbanflow Engine started as his thesis there. He is happily married and with Urbanflow Engine, he enjoys following his passion. You can connect with him at or @hrishiballal on Twitter.

Anjali Mahendra

Anjali is an experienced transportation expert with a PhD in Transportation Policy and Planning from MIT. She recently went through a transition and moved to India and is the Strategy Head of Research and Practice at EMBARQ (India) focusing on sustainable transport solutions around the world. You can connect with her at @amahendra22 on Twitter.

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Why are we better than what you have?

Plan Quickly

From concept to an interactive map in minutes. You can get started now – and there’s no manual to read. Build your ideas quickly using our innovative super simple user interface. Compare and analyze compelling maps without friction. Every map has a URL, so you can share them with anyone in an instant. At last there is a way to create beautiful planning presentations online.

Designs in. Plans out.

Switch up your plans and dive deep to see the impact, immediately and interactively. Engage non-professional and non-technical people with your analysis and pick and choose best parts of your design and syntehsize to create new ones. We use a new kind of planning and collaboration process that you have experience in the workshop.

Advanced Version Control

Urbanflow Engine comes integrated with advanced version control technology. Never loose any change and see your plans evolve. The data you generate with Urbanflow Engine is safely stored on our servers, and can be downloaded at any time for use with other tools. Your data remains yours. If you have existing data, Urbanflow Engine plays nicely with it. In addtion to our sketching tools, we support all of the common urban planning formats including feature layers, GeoJSON, Shapefiles etc. formats.

What are they saying?

visualization that make the hard analytical work of planning seem easy even when it isn’t.

Urbanflow Engine introduces sophisticated internet technology into the world of urban planning.

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